They keep saying I Know, I Know, but do they know….?

You try and help people master what you are mastering yourself, and the only response you get is..;

“I know, I know”..But do they know…?

Then five minutes later they are asking someone else how to do something that i was originally trying to show them in the first place.

How many of us truly listen to what others are trying to explain to us ?

Are we waiting for our turn to speak, or do we believe that we already know it all ?

To listen properly you have to surrender to the fact that we don’t know everything, no matter what our ego’s are trying to tell us.

We need to be prepared to use our two ears more than our mouth and listen to someone that has more experience in a chosen subject than we do, now is that really such a bad thing after all ?

Is it such a failure not to know everything ?

Of course not………..

Yet people interrupt more than they listen, because i know as i was one of those people once myself.

I spent the first 3o years of my life not listening to anyone and i ended up losing everything that ever meant something to me, so i had to begin all over again.

Was that such a bad thing, having to start again…?

Of course not because i have gained more through listening than i ever did when i had an over eagerness to speak.




Homecoming ( A Beautiful Summer Morning).

After spending time in care, i am now back at the dining table at home on a beautiful summer morning

I am catching up with the gossip of my mother and one of her friends.

I look out the window at a glorious summer morning and ask myself” Have i really missed that much”?

1983, yet i was still a child, but with adult wondering’s.

So and so has split up, Oh have they really…? And is so and so still together ….?

“Come on Simon Keep up, you really are behind the times…they have been split up a long while”….

I thought they made a nice couple, i glare out the window at the heavenly summer morning, trying to hold back my sadness at what has happened while i have been away.

“Does so and so still live around here” ? I ask….

“No they have moved out while you were in the home” “Oh”……

Different and various pieces of news bombard me on this beautiful summer morning, some of it i accept-the other parts, slightly disappointing and sad.

Although i was glad to be home, i noticed a lot had changed and altered

Mildly taken aback by changes i would have once assumed impossible….But hey…I suppose that is what being a kid was all about………

Certain songs from the early eighties bring back clear memories of that summer morning in 1983 sat at the dining room table.

It is a morning i do not think i could ever forget, even if i live to be 100………


Everyone has a right…..

Everyone has a right to be happy….

No matter where in life they come from.

Everyone has a right to create their lives all over again…..

No matter how many times they have failed in the eyes of others.

Everyone has a right to be loved and accepted……

No matter how many times they were bullied and ostracized in the past.

Everyone has a right to be successful……

No matter how much the judgmental store up the past failures of others.

Everyone has a right to be wealthy……..

No matter how much the jealous and envious disagree.

No matter how badly you have been treated by others in the past, you still have friends you are yet to meet.

No matter how many times you have fallen down, there are still good times that are already your’s for the taking.

Everyone has a right…………

It’s Up To Me Now.

I Thought I would take a few minutes to evaluate life as i see it right now

As i am moving forward, with no wish to emulate the past as i see it.

Since taking charge of my thoughts and my life i feel like i can conquer so much more

Unlike my younger years when i never knew the score.

People say to me “So you’re 46 years of age..? Na forget it mate”

So because i am 46 years of age i have to keep continuing to make my life too late?

How insane is that when you realize how precious life really is

I am not going to conceed at my dreams because of what i have missed.

Others may prefer the comfort zones that their lives have moulded around

But not me.

I will tell you why;

Comfort zones may look appealing when you feel your load is too hard to bear, but it is not the freedom that you think it is.

Because after a long time of being cocooned in comfort you become trapped by fear,

Comfort zones tell you not to try anything new in case you failed like you did in the past

Comfort zones will tell you that anything good that you try will never last.

Every time you quit something it creates and moulds a false idea of comfort and security in your mind

The adventures of life eventually stop, where there is nothing new to find.

Ground hog day becomes your life for many years because it was you who chose the comfort of nothing new

I opted out of real life for a decade, i’ve got the t-shirt, i know this to be true.

I wasn’t growing or learning anything about life, apart from how to keep yourself trapped

I would make excuses and tell myself, maybe this existence has already been mapped?

But i mapped it out, as i chose it through fear

No new challenges or experiences near.

When i released myself from my self-imposed prison it was first through my mind, when i dared to dream

I no longer thought about a world so hostile and mean.

I imagined myself achieving something great instead of practicing at being depressed

I imagined my dream job, instead of concentrating on past-work related stress.

I imagined being loved, instead of reinforcing the hostility that others had shown me

I imagined myself succeeding instead of focusing on every area where i had failed.

That was when i realized that all the happiness i ever craved for was already inside me.

I don’t care if none of my dreams become reality. Why?

Because at least i already know what they felt like as i have already experienced them.

How did all this come about you may ask?

When i got sick of the tireless occupation of relying on others for my happiness.

I reached a stage after much heartache where i realized:

“You know what, it’s up to me now”

I wasted time and money looking to people, places and things

More and more dissapointment is all that it will bring.

The key to your freedom is between your ears

There does not have to me any more tears.

For many years i stopped living

Totally angry and non-forgiving.

Where did that get me?

A self-imposed prison that i delivered myself to-but a prison, i in turn released myself from.